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Estimating a dynamic effect of soda intake on pediatric dental caries using targeted maximum likelihood estimation method

  1. No specific sponsoring organization listed. Presentation done by Dr. Sungwoo Lim.
  2. Presentation presented on January 22nd 2024 in Timmons Hall.
  3. I learned that soda intake is definitely a risk factor for dental caries among children, yet little is known about the extent to which the association varies over time. After baseline to the first follow up it can be seen that when comparing soda-soda vs no soda-no soda had a mean caries difference at the 2nd follow up was 1.03 with a p value of 0.03 which is statistically significant. This indicates a causal relationship between soda and dental caries in children. In conclusion, consistent soda intake at baseline and 1st follow up was associated with about 1 additional caries tooth surface at 2nd follow up among young African American children from Detroit, Michigan. also the LTMLE method has its limitations and may be more appropriate than conventional regression analysis when estimating causal association between a particular pattern of treatments and outcome from observational data.
  4. This activity relates to my career as this knowledge can contribute to my understanding of caries progressing in various age groups and how food/drink affect caries initiation and progression.
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